Andrew Johnson Heritage Association

The Andrew Johnson Heritage Association is a volunteer organization which works to perpetuate the story of Andrew Johnson and support the educational programming of the Museums of Tusculum College (Doak House Museum and President Andrew Johnson Museum and Library).

The Andrew Johnson National Historic Site

Although born in Raleigh, NC, Andrew Johnson called Greeneville, TN home for his entire adult life. The National Park Service oversees the preservation and interpretation of Johnson’s Homestead, early home, tailor shop, and gravesite. Includes a Visitor Center with exhibits.

The Official White House Webpage

This is the official White House web-page for Andrew Johnson. From this page you can research other Presidents, Vice-Presidents, and even First Ladies.

The Library of Congress

This is an excellent reference source for specific research inquiries relating to Andrew Johnson, or the U.S. Presidents in general.

The Homestead Act of 1862

The Homestead Act gave tracts of land to settlers who met certain requirements.

Harper’s Weekly: The Impeachment of Andrew Johnson

This site features Harper’s Weekly coverage of the 1868 Johnson Impeachment with over 200 excerpts from 1865-1869. Excellent use of primary accounts, it also includes a range of material on Johnson’s life and times.

Washington College Academy

Originally called Martin’s Academy, Rev. Samuel Doak began his educational career in what is now Washington College Academy in Limestone, TN.

Godey’s Lady’s Book


Provides information on Sarah Hale, a 19th century women’s author, poet, and editor. Sarah Hale was author of “Mary’s Lamb”, Woman’s Record, or Sketches of Distinguished Women, and a strong supporter of women’s education.

Lincoln Memorial University’s Abraham Lincoln Museum and Library

This university was founded on former President Lincoln’s desire to establish a place of higher education in East Tennessee.

Ulysses S. Grant Digital Collection at Mississippi State University

The Ulysses S. Grant Collection housed at Mississippi State University Libraries consists of some 15,000 linear feet of correspondence, research notes, artifacts, photographs, scrapbooks, and memorabilia and includes information on Grant’s childhood, his later military career, Civil War triumphs, tenure as commanding general after the war, presidency, and his post-White House years until his death in 1885.

Tennessee Urban Forestry Council’s Tennessee Landmark and History Trees

The Old Oak, the large, white-oak tree that sits on the Tusculum College campus next to Old College has officially been added to the Tennessee Urban Forestry Council’s Tennessee Landmark and Historic Tree Register. According to The Landmark and Historic Tree Register allows for a brief history of the Old Oak to be added to the Tennessee Urban Forestry Council’s website, a plaque commemorating the tree and funding for a sign at the tree’s location. The Old Oak listing can be viewed at