About The Center for Civic Advancement

The Center for Civic Advancement is dedicated to effecting positive change by promoting social responsibility, social justice, and equity through civic engagement and service learning partnerships involving students, campus, and the community.

The CCA promotes service-learning on Tusculum’s campuses by connecting students to volunteer opportunities in the local area. The Center also provides faculty with resources to incorporate service-learning into their classes.

What our students have to say

The CCA participates in the Bonner Leaders Program, which works to build students’ civic and leadership skills, knowledge, and values through their roles in service-learning projects with the local community.

The CCA is in the progress of developing the Stepping Stone Program, which uses local data collected by Tusculum College students and integrates them into ArcGIS maps for the community to use. Our Community Mapping page is under construction, but the page will provide more information and allow viewers to view our maps.


CCA - Support academic service, including action research, service-learning, and public scholarship and initiate dialogue about issues of social concern through trainings, lectures, and forums.

Students - Provide students with a variety of community-based service and learning courses and project opportunities that emphasize the virtue competencies, build moral character, encourage compassion, promote social justice, and civic engagement.

Faculty - Provide faculty with training, resources and project opportunities that promote the values and principles of engaged pedagogy and community action based on the Civic Arts mission.

Campus - Enhance the developing culture of service on the Tusculum College campus through programs that foster Civility, Self Knowledge, and Ethics of Social Responsibility.

Community - Develop authentic, reciprocal partnerships, in which all partners are engaged in the work toward a Just Society.

Community of Promise
Tusculum College is a College of Promise. This means that we as a campus have joined America's Promise in taking on the responsibility and pleasure of offering our Greeneville community youth the 5 Promises.

Tusculum College is pleased to offer a minor designed to enhance the development of citizenship qualities.
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